Mistress Ming

This job is more than just a job. It is an eye opening discussion, a weighted conversation topic, a loaded response that will more often than not garner cringes and surprise.

This lifestyle can break relationships or build new bridges. The people I meet have taught me more about myself than I had ever even considered contemplating.

The respect I have for the clients I work with and the respect they give me in turn is nothing short of a miracle.

I enjoy doing what I do because I unleash a part of myself that I wouldn’t normally acknowledge, while also still satisfying my need to have fulfilling interactions that are not just superficial.

I am not sadistic or mean just for the hell of it. I do not wish to hurt my subs or demean them in harmful ways. I wish only to understand my subs and their desires. It pleases me to follow where they lead, pushing them to the edge.

It may not be overly dominant to not simply impose my will upon them. However, to me dominance is not blindly following orders and forcing someone into something that they SAY they want. Needs are not always wants, and in these cases it takes a while to be comfortable within any situation. Not many are willing to be so exposed.

Dominance in my mind is all about a give and take. A deeper respect and comprehension of the people around you.

True submission is a great gift, a demonstration of free will and trust. It is a feeling, a need to belong. A desire to be loved and accepted as a whole without judgement. It is raw, open and real; something that needs to be handled with care for both parties to come out unscathed.

I would love to explore with you.

Are you ready to kneel?

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