Few things arouse me more than the activities I listed below. Mmmm, just reading it now makes me want to bring out my favorite toy. What does this list do to you? What stands out that you can please me with? You better not be touching anything you’re not supposed to!

Send me a message and tell me your favorites.

Bondage: There is nothing more stimulating than being restricted. Fully at my mercy, unable to move or escape my whims. Imagine yourself helpless to my desire, to do with as I wish.

Chastity: You no longer need any control over the toy between your legs. It is mine and mine alone. I will keep it locked up nice and tight so that you can’t play with it unless I want you to, and who knows when that will be. The key belongs displayed on a beautiful necklace I can show off. We will tell everyone who asks, and even those who don’t, EXACTLY what the key is for.

CBT: I am excited to take that sensitive skin within my grasp and squeeze until you whimper. Beg all you want. I plan on making sure you REMEMBER who I am, long after our session is done.

Cross-Dressing: Do you want to be my pretty little doll? Do you want to put your best face forward? Come be my girlfriend, I’ll dress you in my favorite clothes and we can have a night on the town, looking cute together.

Financial Domination: It’s ok. We both know you are weak and have no self control. I can fix that. I can make all your problems go away. I can teach you how to budget, and how to spend your hard-earned money in appropriate ways for me. And you will THANK me and PAY me for my thoughtfulness and effort.

Foot Worship: My feet are a tiny size 6.5. They need to be pampered and cared for, and your job is to make sure that they ALWAYS look and feel their best. Pedicures and massages, and only the best shoes.

Humiliation: I don’t really want to hear what you don’t want. It’s my job to take control. Shhh stop whining, it won’t help. You are my little pet, and I can use you as I see fit.

Impact Play: Your body is my canvas. Hard or soft, what do I want today? Hmmm, let me think. Next, the whoooosh of my flogger as it flies through the air. Where on your body will it land? I will keep you guessing…and make you beg for more.

Nipple Torture: How sensitive are they? Shall I run my nails across them? Pinch them softly, or clamp them until your breathe catches in your chest. Do you want to moan or scream? Whimper or beg for more? I’ll find out, and I’ll enjoy getting the answer.

Pet Training: I always need a good pet. Someone to fetch me my shoes, or warm the foot of my bed. A well trained animal who knows when to heel and how to beg. BEG me for attention, and you will be rewarded.

Secret Public Play: Imagine. You and I. Going for a walk. Laughing like old friends. All the while knowing that some part of your body is tied for my amusement, or marked as my property, or filled with my favorite toy. Feel your heart beat faster as you await your secret “vanilla” command to keep your eyes downcast, or know you will be punished if you do not rise quickly enough. How well behaved will you be? Will you test my limits? I promise you, I WILL test yours.

Sensory Deprivation: One by one, your senses will be heightened when they are removed for my pleasure.

Violet Wand: Can you feel the zing of my wand? The momentary heat of my laughter as I zap you over and over until you forget where you are.

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